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Welcome to CTC Bookworks

What does CTC stand for?  It could be 'Coast to Coast' or 'Cover to Cover', 'Correct the Content' or any other clever acronym -- but to my mind as an editor, it really stands for 'Cut the Crap'.

My job is to proof, edit, pare down, then format and get you ready to publish your work. CTC Bookworks will trim, clarify and polish your creation while absolutely maintaining your identity and brand.

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About Mark Smith

CTC Bookworks is a sole proprietorship, founded in 2010 after leaving the Yukon and semi-retiring to be closer to my aging mother on BC's Vancouver Island.

A thirty-odd year career in the Yukon saw me undertake a number of high-profile and highly interesting projects, largely in the field of promoting tourism and the arts.  These jobs took me around the world on behalf of the Yukon and, in the course of that, I began to specialize in writing and editing--promotional articles, magazine articles and brochures, then later into speech writing (I hosted and emceed two Prime Ministers and three Governors-General).

The nature of this work also meant I became highly proficient at writing business and marketing plans as well as their adjunct responsibilities like grant applications and individual short biographies.

As a result, I am an expert at sifting wheat from chaff.  Let me put that ability to work for you!


Reference Check

I worked with Mark on the editing and production of his mother's memoir "Wrong Highway" over a span of several months. Working collaboratively with others requires great communication (especially excellent listening), flexibility and adaptability, and a really good sense of humour.

Mark demonstrated these skills in abundance; he was a pleasure to work with. Beyond that, he demonstrated sensitivity and tact in dealing with potentially difficult topics, and came up with many creative solutions to various editorial issues and ideas for promotions. He is a diligent and resourceful researcher, a very thorough and detail-oriented editor, and a good writer. I would heartily recommend Mark. October 18, 2012

Theresa Laviolette (Editor at Hancock House Publishers)


Finished Works

Wrong Highway: The Misadventures of a Misplaced Society Girl

Stella T. Jenkins, Hancock House Publishers, 2012, ISBN 978-0-88839-708-9 (print edition), 978-0-88839-708-9 (electronic edition)

Through England with Mother

Stella T. Jenkins, CTC Bookworks, 2011, ISBN 978-0-9878424-0-4 (print edition), 978-0-9878424-1-1 (electronic text)



Mark brought his experience to the forefront when working on this project. He was precise, thorough, and knew exactly what was needed to get the job done. His ability pointing out things and offering suggestions was also very helpful and impressive. Everything he did was greatly appreciated. Kudos to a job well done.

Veetra King