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As of October 15, Wrong Highway is now working its way into the system of all 239 BC Libraries, as well as some libraries in Ontario.  Check with your own branch -- if they don't have it yet, please ASK them to order it!


Book Ordered for BC Ferry System

In September we were very pleased to be notified that an order for 72 copies of Wrong Highway was placed with its publisher, Hancock House. We can now confirm that the book is now on shelves in the BC Books section of gift shops on all the ferries!

Feedback from a Reader

 In July we took a trip to visit family at Lone Butte and stopped enroute to meet the Guenthers, who just sold the house in Clinton that is featured in the book.  They were given a copy of Wrong Highway in appreciation of the house tour, and they wrote: 

Stella was a gifted and engaging writer. We enjoyed her book and loaned it to the people who bought our house--they were so captivated with the book that they visited Bob's grave and the museum to learn more of the history of their new heritage home. You would be amazed at all the plans they have to upgrade the house and garage. This dear little log home will be loved and cared for even more in future. I will give them your email so they can contact you.


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